The Financial Planning Process

A comprehensive financial plan can help you protect your assets and live your life to its fullest potential. However, it can be extremely time consuming, especially when considering the complexities of personal finance, financial analysis and financial planning. Our Financial Planning Process is a step-by-step road map designed to improve your personal, financial life. At Integrated Financial Concepts, we utilize a comprehensive approach when implementing our financial planning strategies: Define, Develop, Implement & Monitor. Using this method as the foundation of our approach, our strategies to begin and end with you, as it should be.

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Define Your Goals & Objectives

We begin by working with you to learn what matters most to you. We collect information and concentrate on helping you differentiate between needs, wants and opportunities, and strive to understand your:

Define Your Retirement

Develop a customized plan

We help you identify key issues and opportunities, and jointly review and analyze your current financial picture. We focus on your needs and have the tools and resources to help you:

Develop and create a sound financial strategy

Implement your strategy

The implementation of your financial plan, requires an action Plan. The action plan will include items you will need to accomplish in order to improve your financial situation. Specifically, the action plan consists of:

Define Your Retirement

Recommended Actions – Recommendations you should accomplish in order to strengthen your financial status. The recommendations will be listed in order by need or importance.

Purpose – States what the recommended action accomplishes, which helps communicate the importance of following the recommendation.

Target/Completion Date – The date in which the recommendation should be completed. This helps keep you on track on focused on your goals.

Monitor, evaluate, update

Monitor and review your financial plan regularly to ensure consistency

The biggest mistake people make with financial planning is not adjusting their plans as circumstances change in their lives. For example, getting married, having children, changing jobs can have a tremendous impact financially. People often leave things that require time and detail until the very last minute, if they address it all. Financial plans are not set in stone. They should be flexible in order to adjust to the changes that occur in your life. For this reason it is essential to make sure your financial plan is updated annually to make sure it remains inline with your financial goals.

At Integrated Financial Concepts, we not only help determine the best strategy for you, we stay with you for the duration, and make sure your financial plan is always current.

Financial Planning Goals & Concepts

Enhance your quality of life both now and in the future by setting short and long-term financial goals.

Your Goals May Include...

  • Preparing for a comfortable retirement.
  • Reducing your current tax liability.
  • Funding a child’s college tuition.
  • Diversifying an ESPP stock position.
  • Providing multi-generational
    wealth transfer.
  • Expanding or selling your business.
  • Buying adequate insurance coverage.
  • Buying a vacation residence.

Understand Concepts...

  • Budgeting & Cash Flow
  • Emergency Fund & Savings
  • Importance of Insurance & Its Role
  • 529 Plans: Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Net Worth Analysis
  • Retirement Income Analysis
  • Health Care Costs In Retirement
  • Major Purchase Planning
  • Estate Planning

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