Our Philosophy

Managing your own wealth and assets can be an all-consuming challenge. You need a powerful ally who can embrace your vision, take charge of the details, and help you meet and exceed your financial goals...all while having no other agenda than your ultimate success.

Fully Integrated Approach

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    Non-Qualified / Aggressive

    Taxable investments once all the "needs" have been met.
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    401(k), ROTH-IRA, SEP-IRA & more.
    529 plans for college planning.
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    Savings & Insurance

    Health, Life & Disability Insurance;
    Savings and Emergency Funds

At Integrated Financial Concepts, we believe differentiating between necessities and goals is essential to building a solid financial foundation. As your consummate advisor, we recognize that your financial picture is a complex web of interweaving elements. Attempting to manage this on your own can add further layers of complexity. From life insurance to IRA’s, to stocks and bonds, as well as health care costs to Health Savings Accounts, we recognize these subtleties and can help connect the pathways of these relationships.

Our process begins by taking a holistic approach to your financial life. This allows us to make well-reasoned recommendations that fit your needs, goals, and aspirations. Through this seamless approach, we make recommendations with a “checks and balances” type of philosophy making sure your success is the only objective.

The result of going through this process are people who are better equipped to make educated decisions about their financial futures.

Investment Methodology

Using core investment strategies, such as asset allocation and diversification, we identify individual securities in each segment of the market by objectively screening thousands of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, & ETFs with an emphasis on technical analysis.


Tactical Asset Allocation

An active portfolio management strategy focusing on re-balancing and diversification across different asset classes, investment styles and market capitalization.


Fee-based investment advice

Investment advisory platforms where there are no commissions, loads or sales charges. As a result, potential conflicts of interest are removed.


By coordinating with our clients’ other professional advisors, we develop investment strategies that are holistic, and promote further transparency.


Psychological aspect of Investing

All too often, emotions can interfere with sell decisions. By utilizing strict sell rules, the psychological aspect of investing is removed.

Investment Principles

Focus on what you can control.


Investment Principle: Setting Goals

An appropriate investment goal should be both measurable and attainable. Clearly defining goals and being realistic about ways to achieve them can help you avoid common mistakes which can derail your investment progress.


Investment Principle: Balance

Both asset allocation and diversification are at the core of what investment balance means. As your advisor, we manage this balance between risk and reward through the selection of portfolio holdings.


Investment Principle: Control expenses

The success or failure of an investment may be unpredictalbe, but we can predict the impact of its costs. By lowering your investment expenses, we can increase the share of an investment's return or help minimize its loss.


Investment Principle: Discipline

Investing can provoke strong emotions. Having discipline and perspective can help them remain committed to a long-term investment strategy through periods of market uncertainty.

See how Integrated Financial Concept's Investment Philosophy & Principles can help your financial future.