Plan For Retirement On Your Terms

Guidance to help you prepare for the retirement you envision.

The very definition of retirement and what it means is evolving, after all, we are living longer. For years, retirement meant putting money away – soon it will mean taking it out. Advancements in medicine and technology, potential legislative changes and the status of Medicare is forcing us to shift the way we view retirement. The days of working for one company and collecting a pension are a thing of the past. Nowadays, people work for more than one company througout their career, and as a result, have multiple 401(k)s, IRAs and/or investment accounts, ultimately making the task of planning for retirement even more complicated. Retiring with peace of mind requires a strong income plan and retirement investment strategy. At IFC, we can help you plan for the retirement you want.

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Define Your Vision of Retirement

Define Your Retirement

With more lifestyle options than ever before, knowing what a successful retirement looks like to you will help you understand your income needs. By making informed choices at this stage, you can build a more effective retirement strategy.

Start Contributing Early

Time, when well managed, serves us. When neglected, it disappears before we know it, and the costs are enormous. Too many people let valuable time slip away each day, robbing them of opportunities, assets, and dreams.¹

If you’re in the beginning stages of your career, you’re in a great position to make the right financial decisions – right from the start. If you’re past that point and haven’t gotten started yet, it’s not too late to get on track. We can help you put together an easy plan to help you do it.

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¹ Source: Clark Bening, Bening Financial

Prepare Your Portfolio For Retirement

Portfolio Preparation

In retirement, it’s important that your portfolio keep working in order to help your money last - and that means your portfolio needs to be constantly monitored, and adjustments made when necessary. As a result of monitoring your portfolio, we can help you attain your desired income and also reach the retirement goals you set. Some key steps we will assist you with are:

Health Care & Social Security's
Role In Your Retirement

Health Care Costs

Plan For Health Care Costs

Unexpected healthcare expenses can quickly deplete your savings and derail your long-term income strategy. Therefore, planning for these costs should be a critical part of your overall retirement savings strategy. Most people assume Medicare will pay for their health expenses, however, it may not cover all of them. Examining other options such as supplemental coverage and long-term care insurance can add further protection.

Maximize Social Security

Maximize Social Security

Social Security is a guaranteed source of income during retirement. It is also one you worked hard for. So determining when to take monthly payments is a critical one. For each year that you delay taking Social Security (up to age 70), you could receive up to 8% more in future monthly payments². It's important to take the time to consider how Social Security will impact your overall income plan so that you can make the right decisions.

² Once you reach 70, these increases stop. There is no benefit for you to wait any longer.

What Is Most Important To You?

We can help align your portfolio with your retirement goals.

Long Term Care Insurance

Do You Have A Stranded 401(k)??

Do you have a 401(k) still at a past employer? Roll it into an IRA today!

401k Rollover

Do You Have A Retirement Checklist?

Getting ready to retire? Some issues you may want to consider are:

  • Health Care Costs
  • Social Security Income
  • How To Allocate Your Portfolio
  • Retirement Tax Strategies
  • Medicare Insurance Plans