What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management, in a real sense, is about buying time - time to enjoy a new phase of life after years devoted to a successful career. It's about planning to determine that an individual, couple or family has the financial resources to live in a desired manner for a number of years after retirement. It's about insuring a lifetime of work and leaving a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Wealth management is combining all the issues and people which affect your current financial position and future goals into one manageable, controllable picture. At Integrated Finanical Concepts, we are dedicated to providing our clients sound wealth management strategies, using our experience in insurance and investment strategies to help clients meet their retirement, estate and business planning objectives.

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Our Investment Philosophy

The foundation of our investment philosophy is derived from two basic principles: Accountability & Transparency.


Accountable investment advice

In a day where fund of funds and separately managed accounts are an integral part of other advisor’s strategies, ultimately leaving the investment research and selection responsibilities to someone else. At IFC, we prefer to make recommendations based on our research and forecasts, and manage your portfolio as if it were our own. If a particular security goes up or down, we will know why. Ultimately doing the job you hire us to do.


Transparent investment advice

Transparency, by definition, is an object that can be seen through. In a social context, it implies openness and communication. At Integrated Financial Concepts, it is the basis of how we do business. Transparency is synonomous with full disclosure. By practicing transparency, we do not withhold information that may impact an investor's decision to purchase an investment, and we make the process of obtaining information easy.

Fee-Based Asset Management

Fee-based asset management is simply an investment account in which the advisor's compensation is based on a set percentage of the account value, generally around 1%. The purpose of fee-based investment accounts is to remove conflicts of interest inherent in regular commission-based accounts because recommendations or trades are not made simply for the sake of generating commissions.

This approach ultimately aligns the advisor's interests with the client's objectives, as both parties want the account value to grow. At Integrated Financial Concepts, we pride ourselves on our transparency and prioritization of our clients' best interests.

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Investment Strategies

At Integrated Financial Concepts, we use 4 long-term asset allocation models that correspond with investor's individual risk profile. Each model’s allocation are managed in separate, fee-based accounts.

Stop-Loss Strategy

Stop-loss investment strategies

A distinctive area of focus for our firm is the field of behavioral economics. While traditional economic theory holds that all investors act rationally to maximize return, the data has shown that investors rarely behave logically. All too often, investors find it difficult to sell investments because of their emotional attachment to the security often resulting in bigger losses or smaller gains. By implementing strict sell rules, the psychological and emotional aspect of investing is removed. A “stop-loss” strategy is an integral aspect of our investment strategy.

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